I have the privilege of working for an amazing language centre in the heart of HCMC called The Centre of Foreign Affairs and Languages Training (CEFALT). It is a relatively small centre, with just 2 campuses in the city, affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My experiences here, teaching both young children and adults, has ironically been a rather educational journey.


A few highlights of my time:

  • Attempting to describe new vocabulary words such as: Diarrhoea, Meditating, D.I.Y and Obese to a group of University students, without the use of a dictionary
  • A 6 year old student continually insisting that I must be carrying a child
  • An extremely heated debate between 2 groups of students as to which was the healthier country, Vietnam or China (some slight animosity there I think …)
  • Some very animated games of Go Fish
  • Maintaining a consistently high representation of the UK amongst an All-American teaching staff
  • Singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes to a Hall full of bemused looking parents
  • Winning a Kettle in the Tết raffle
  • The awkward cultural stereotypes & sexual orientation lesson
  • Being taught some traditional Vietnamese folk tales
  • Attempting to answer the following, ‘Why are your eyes blue?’ to a 5 year old
  • Being introduced to the HCMC Tax System was an unexpected treat …


In all seriousness, the teaching staff at this school are incredible people and the Vietnamese administration team do a fabulous job of coping with us all. For anyone reading this who may be interested in teaching in HCMC, I’d recommend CEFALT in a second, check it out yourself:




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  1. learnvietnamesewithme
    Aug 17, 2013 @ 16:29:39

    Thank you for follow Learn Vietnamese with Linh! The website is only 12 hours old, I’m not even ready to public it, but thank you for your support! I hope my posts help!

    Good day,



  2. trinh15us
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 12:29:15

    Dear Ms Kerril
    Thank you for visiting my page. I used to be a student at CEFALT before I studied abroad. I have a glance through your page and I realize that you enjoy living in VN . As a Vietnamese, I am happy about that.
    Nice to meet you


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